About Us

Patronus seeks to create a true, long-lasting partnership with our clients, developing a trusting work relationship with the staff, and improving patient outcomes through a commitment to performance standards while providing the highest quality urgent neurological care. When clinical excellence and client collaboration are in sync, money, time and
– most importantly – lives are saved.

Our senior leadership were pioneers in the provision and creation of teleneurology services, enabling virtual consults, and integration with interventional programs. Our board-certified, vascular-trained neurologists deliver accelerated, quality care with clinical and operational acuity, understanding that critical care must be met with clinical quality, for every patient, with every client, every time.

Our Opeations Team has been working and innovating in the telemedicine arena for combined 80+years. We have our 24×7 Operations Team in place to deal with any clinical, operational or technical issues that may arise at a moment’s notice.  Utilizing our custom-built EMR, developed specifically to cater to the data analysis needed to improve Neurology patient outcomes, our Operations Team is able to drill down on the precise time periods of patient workflow that can be improved..

We have a staff of dedicated, certified, provider credentialing specialists that will work with you to onboard our providers quickly. They process all information needed to receive privileges so that our providers can begin assisting your patients with their Neuro care needs right away.